VCAT ruling on Nylex site at 2 Gough St, Richmond

Caydon v Yarra Council


VCAT ruling on 451 Lygon St, East Brunswick

Vincent Corp v Moreland CC

VCAT ruling on 1 Hazeldon Place, South Yarra

1 Hazeldon Place South Yarra

VCAT ruling on 6 Florence St, Brunswick

P539 2015 Chaucer Enterprises Pty Ltd v Moreland CC (rb md 141015)

Letter to VCAT from Freehills on behalf of East West Connect

EWC letter to VCAT from Freehills

Victorian government’s statement of grounds on East West Connect VCAT claim

Govt statement of grounds

Can government’s break contracts?

Attached is a paper released by Canberra academic Nick Seddon at a forum in Melbourne last April, and reported by Adam Carey here:
Makes for interesting reading given what Daniel Andrews appears about to do, as reported here:

Can governments break contracts