Mayor Bernadene Voss, 17 May 2016:
The site and building have been used as a corner hotel for more than 100 years.
Despite its age, the original building has been altered and doesn’t meet the threshold of local significance when compared to more intact examples in the city.
Officer assessment and advice suggest the London Hotel is not of local architectural or cultural significance and does not warrant heritage protection.
The officer’s view is supported by multiple studies which all came to the same findings.
Based on this assessment, Council will not request the Minister for Planning apply an Interim Heritage Overlay.
Yesterday, Council received formal notification of the lodgement of the application for review at VCAT.
Council has been analysing the substantial amount of information lodged with the application, reviewing the advice of its internal experts and thoroughly considering the community concerns raised in the more than 100 objections received prior to making its decision and therefore did not determine the application within the prescribed 60 days.
The receipt of more than 100 objections would likely have led to the matter going to VCAT via appeal, therefore Council not making a determination has quickened this process.
The application was lodged on 8 December 2015 by Urbis Pty Ltd, however further information in relation to progress this application was not received until 5 February 2016.