A source in VicRoads has kindly sent an email from the head of the road authority’s workplace relations branch, following this story of mine today: http://bit.ly/1a7e6nN.

The email is surprisingly heavy handed, I would have thought, though I guess maybe this is just how the public service reacts when these sorts of petitions become political footballs and their parliamentary masters are displeased.


SUBJECT: Unplanned absences on Thursday 5 September

Please ensure that all your employees are advised that VicRoads will require a medical certificate for any unplanned absence on Thursday 5 September.
Employees may continue to take accrued leave that has been approved in advance.
VicRoads will not approve personal leave without a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner or accrued leave in arrears.
The APESMA have invited their members to attend State Parliament tomorrow afternoon however, as there is no industrial dispute affecting VicRoads, employees cannot take protected industrial action.
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Manager workplace relations