In 2003, the state govt released its North Central City Corridor Study, which looked at how many cars were using the Eastern Freeway to get to the west. It found 10 per cent of traffic movements were going east-west — the vast majority of it trucks.

Key pages from study pasted in this post.

In 2008, Sir Rod Eddington’s study team looked at the numbers again and found 20 per cent of cars using Eastern Freeway would benefit from an East-West Link. Key page also pasted in this post.

Has the Linking Melbourne Authority released similar figures, does anyone out there following East-West Link proposal know? I know about the 80,000-100,000 trips a day figure but am not sure about what it represents in terms of proportion of trips being made.

NCCCS page 7

NCCCS study page 8

Eddington study p120