This from the ACCC; I always wonder if “free range” is bullsh*t, and in this instance, it is:


The Federal Court has ordered by consent that Pepe’s Ducks Ltd pay $375,000 in civil pecuniary penalties and $25,000 in costs arising from statements made that its ducks were ‘open range’ and ‘grown nature’s way’, in circumstances where the ducks grown by Pepe’s Ducks were raised in barns and were not allowed to spend any of their time outdoors.

Pepe’s Ducks used the phrase ‘open range’ from 2004 to 2012 and the phrase ‘grown nature’s way’ from 2007 to 2012 on its product packaging, website, delivery vehicles, signage, stationery and/or merchandise, often in conjunction with a pictorial representation of a duck in the outdoors walking on grass against a background of a lake with hills behind.

“Consumers must be able to trust that what is on the label is true and accurate. This penalty is a warning to businesses to make sure they are not misleading consumers into paying a premium for products that don’t match the claims made on the label,” ACCC Commissioner Sarah Court said.


“Traders who abuse the trust of Australian consumers in this way expose themselves to enforcement action.”