Baillieu lagging on infrastructure, too busy slagging off Union

Media Release Friday 7 September 2012

The CFMEU Victorian Branch State Secretary Bill Oliver said that under the Baillieu Government’s watch 32,500 Victorian construction jobs have been lost.

– The ABS statistics reveal the largest ever half yearly drop in full time construction jobs since the these records began in 1984*

– In the same period, New South Wales have added 10,300 new full time jobs for this industry

– State Government capital investment is decellerating at record pace, according to the ABS National Accounts.

– New home sales in Victoria’s new house sales dropped 4.6 per cent in July.*

– The value of building approvals in Victoria in just two years, has decreased by almost half a billion dollars. *

Bill Oliver said these facts speak for themselves.

“Mr Baillieu, is all talk and no action. We are losing jobs, decreasing investment and the economy is stagnating at best,” said Mr Oliver.

“It is an absolute disgrace that while the State’s economy is in freefall the Premier is focused on attacking the rights, safety and wellbeing of those Victorians who remain in work.

“We call on Mr Baillieu to act in the interests of the Victorian economy, its construction and infrastructure like a mature leader rather than engaging in petty ideological slurs against registered organisations.

“The facts speak for themselves,” said Mr Oliver.