Statement just out from Grocon, about two more building sites in inner Melbourne that were hampered by industrial activity again this morning.

Police today attended at two more illegal blockades at Grocon sites, at the VCCC (Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre) site in Parkville and the Footscray Central Activities District site in McNab Avenue, Footscray.

CFMEU officials and union members attended at both of these sites and prevented Grocon sub-contractors from going on site. Supreme Court injunctions are in place restraining the CFMEU from preventing, hindering or interfering with free access to, and free egress from, all of our Victorian sites.

These blockades did not include any Grocon employees – who are opposed to the blockading of their workplaces.

We again call on the CFMEU to respect the law and to allow Grocon workers and sub-contractors to go to work safely and peacefully. Our longstanding offer to talk to the CFMEU remains, once they decide to permanently end the illegal blockades.